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My reflection on the service-learning project I attended this pasted Saturday was totally fun, I wish I could do it again. I didn’t expect it to be that interesting. The kids we had were round my age, and they were not difficult to get along with at all. They were down to earth and really easy to talk to. In my group ice breakers was not really needed because all the kids knew each other and they were very friendly, but we did them anyway just to have more fun and get to know them even more.  I was expecting something totally different like them not wanting to be bother, mean, and rude. But they seem to have proved me wrong. They were funny, very hyper, all smiles, and they seem to enjoy themselves just as much as the Xaver students did.

We talked about them speaking up for change and puttine their two-cents in. They had alot to say and they seem to have had alot more confidence for speaking out to the wrold at letting it be known about what they had to say. It was a remarkable experience to encounter for me and another individual as well. To say I didn’t know the kids for no more than a day I seem to have known them for more than just that morning.


Creating a comfortable atmoshpere for the children of the Service-Learning Project this coming Saturday will be  SIMPLE!!!.  What individual in the world does not want to have the chance to speak out and make a difference in the world today?They may have a few who may not want to speak out because their scared of being judged, don’t think its possible, and so on; I speak for myself….I didn’t think it would be possible for me to speak out into the world and make a change all by myself. But I can , I will, and I did. Simple common traits like that I  share with every individual who comes on Saturday. The children from the Service Learning Project  may not say it, but that’s why students like me from Xavier University will be there to help them make the first step of getting their voices heard in the world. That’s just why the group  I’m in came up with alot of icebreakers for all ages. Mostly everything I really have to tell them is in the previous blog i wrote two weeks ago. I touched on some key goals that they can do themselves and simple help from others.

Ok so, counting from today my birthday is in nine more days to be exact ,March 25 in case you didn’t know what day. (lol) I’m turning nineteen and  I can’t wait, because that simply mean I’m two years from being LEGAL FOR THE WORLD!!! Even though, I’m not just waiting to become legal, but every year as  I climb the latter of age I start to feel older and more as an adult forming in me.  I noticed that when I turned eighteen years old. I start to take on more responsiblities, reaching goals, and depending more on myself than my parents. So far so good I’ll say but I’m just starting to enter the world of adulthood. I’m ready to take on the adulthood life and trials and tributes that follow along. But I’m waitng patiently to as well. Don’t get me wrong, Im not rushing to be grown, just anxious to see how my life will be!! Especially what I make it….

Our freshmen seminar instructor prepared her students for getting our voices heard  out in the world. We had people come talk to us from the  Beyond Jena Forum, the author and publisher of the current book we just got through from reading  “What Would The World Be Without Women: Stories From The 9th Ward”to give us there insight of how to get your voice heard out. Each one of them came with encouragement, confidence,and  support  for each and everyone of us who attended.

So now it’s bout time to go out in the world to share and give back to the community that I live in and take my time out  on March 28, 2009 to attend a Service-learning Project with youth from the Volunteers of America. This gives me the time to make a difference and be a role model to some one who’s way younger than me, who doesn’t really have anyone to give them guideance. So me personally, taking ever thing the guest speakers gave to us I’m going to twist it up and make it more easily understandable to the individual I have. And let them know that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can make a difference and be seen in the world that we live in.

To give a brief  message but important points:

 1.)Don’t be someone or something you are not( BE YOUR SELF)

2.) Education (FIRST)

3.)Don’t worry about what others say about you

4.) Enjoy life

5.)Make a difference in the world

Also,You have to remember that  with your voice being heard you make a difference, you can be a more than just a somebody, and someday you will have someone look up to like a role model.

 Today class was amagzing in freshmen seminar!! My instructor had her  friday class come sit in and join her monday (my) class because the author and the direct publisher of the book  “What Would The World Be Without Women: Stories From The 9th Ward” were our guest speakers. Yes, that’s right, Waukesha Jackson the author was speaking in our class today about her book and the Neighborhood Story Project publisher director came as well. They gave the insights and encouraging words of wisdom for writing.  It was very interesting to hear what she had to say and felt about the book as well. I even got my book sign too. (lol)

But to stay focus on the blog of what I’m orginally suppose to be answering is now that I know my voice can be heard, how can I use it to change the world. That’s a good question being asked honestly. I think of it as the younger generation and mines are the voices of the world. We can change it and be heard even with the little things we do. With Waukesha Jackson it’s a proven fact that what younger people have to say do matter and will be heard in the world some how. If it’s throught music, writing, videos, or what ever; It will be known. Just by saying all this, my voice will be heard, prime example…blogging. There’s not to much more I can say about getting my voice heard in the world right now, except just try my hardest to be heard and notice in the world. And have the mind frame my voice will NEVER be heard, buts that’s not true. I have many people to thank for opening up my eyes that I can make a difference.


I’m out

 I’ve been blogging almost two semesters now and I’ve got the basic concept of  it. I feel, with  my voice being heard every week through out this website, I’m pretty excited and impressed. I never thought  my own opinions and perspectives will be meaningful to others and not be judgemental.  Now that I’m moving forward in my academic life, I feel using my voice more will help me accomplish my goals in life a bit faster and comfortably for me. In my eyes, it mean with my voice being put out there more people will recognize me and know  I exist as a person and I have needs and wants as well.  With my voice reaching out to individuals I may get noticed for many opportunities life have to offer. Having stated all this can be very useful to anyone who once felt like me…shy and not comfortable with being judged by anyone. But I have build up enough confidence to not care actually. And this may help incoming freshmen when I be a sophomore at Xavier. TO BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR VOICE SERIOUSLY AS AN INDIVIDUAL!!! (Because I never did until I came to college and step into the Beyond Jena Forum. When I found out my voice can play a HUGE part in the soceity today).

My basic advice to them is don’t be shy to speak up and voice your opinions and ideas in the world today. No one can judge you on what you say and how you go about things. Especially your voice.  So all I’m saying is let your voice be heardr and don’t look back for wrong doing or what so ever because it doesn’t matter. As long as you comfortable with your voice(of an opinion, idea, or etc). When you accomplish your voice being heard and taken seriously by yourself first, then you can strive toward academic professional/personal success in life!

Ok…here we go. It’s my second blog and we were told to read a book called “What Would the World Be without  Women: Stories From The 9th Ward” written by Waukesha Jackson.  To me  the book so far is very interrelectual for such a topic.  Her writing style is so simple and understanding as if  I were writing this book myself. Waukesha Jackson gives us as readers a good introduction of her life story growing up as a child and experiences with these women in her life. My interepretation just from the first eleven pages I had to read i wanted to go on and listen to how she dealt with such emotions toward her mother and life.  I may just read on a little more.  

 Well, I was told to select one of the women who she shared her experience with and that would be her grandmother. Reason being her grandmother because she is the keyreason why Waukesha is sill here today and the woman that she wants to be and looks forward too. Her grandmother shows strengthen towards the author’s mother who is on drugs. To not let that hold her down or her family. The person who care for the author’s brothers and the author. Who shows her not to hold back what to say and how she feels in this book. Her grandmother to me is the root of her granddaughter.

You can see the author is or has become empowered by what she wrote. She seems to share these stories better as an individual. You can see this through her writing as she gets more into the book and not care about what others think. She tells it as if she was writing in her diary or some sort of book she had private to herself.  I can’t really go into how empowered she has gotten because I haven’t finish reading, but so far you can tell. In her introducton she says how she didn’t use to feel comfortable talking about her life and didn’t want others to feel story for her. But it seem to me that she’s out of that phase of hiding her true self and experiences in life. So she decided to write this book, i’m guessing. That’s all I’ve gotten so far out the book.  I’m outtie…holla

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